Ice Sculpture
Ice Sculpture Ice Sculpture Ice Sculpture Ice Sculpture Ice Sculpture Ice Sculpture
Ice Sculpture
In 1998, Clear Memories became a full time occupation. In just three years, they had become the most well-known and respected ice carving company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Purchasing the latest equipment, the two were consistently looking and creating the newest innovations in the field.
In 2000, Clear Memories incorporated Humberto Acosta to the team. Humberto's work ethics and attitude made him a great fit for the hardworking team. In 2001, Clear Memories had outgrown its existing building and began renovation on a leased space in Napa, Ca. The project consisted of adding freezers, floors, offices, block-making equipment, and an updated electrical system. By February 2002, they had settled into the new location.
On September 2, 2002, Clear Memories Inc., proved to be the most devastating day in the business’ history. Upon arriving to work that morning, Dave and Jeff found that the building they had been renting
had burned to the ground. The fire started in another tenant's area, and then spread throughout the building. Everything they had worked for over the seven-year period was lost. Showing incredible resolve and taking no time to wallow in their loss, they immediately began to rebuild. Jeff, Dave, and Humberto replaced their carving equipment with tool belts, and began construction. The three worked day and night, seven days a week and completed the 32-foot by 56-foot building in record time. On December 1 of the same year, the building was complete and they immediately reopened.
Ice SculptureIce Sculpture

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